Ode to the gym

I don’t do it to feel good,
Because it only feels good afterward.
I didn’t start because I suddenly needed it,
I’ve always needed it.
I didn’t do it to have a hot body,
That doesn’t happen over night.
I didn’t begin this journey to fail.

I go hard everyday for myself,
I’m not here to impress anyone.
If I fall I get right back up,
If you knock me down you better be faster than me.
There are no compromises.
There are no excuses.
There is only me.

Something more about Something More

I wanted to drop a quick note, to let you know, Something More was originally scheduled to be released on the 13th. I’ve had to push that date back 1 week due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s just not going to be ready. I will have e-arcs available by this weekend if you are interested in reviewing it. It is about a 40k word novella and like all my other books will likely be a quick read.  You can contact me via email(mia@entwinedpublishing.com) or the contact page here on my website. Something More will not be released in print, and only available at bn.com or Amazon.com.

I’m sorry if this puts a damper on anyone’s plans, but I promise, it will be available soon.

Thanks for your patience.



Introducing My Friday Five Fave

Was that too many F’s?

Today I would like to spotlight five songs that I can’t seem to live with out these days. So much so that it might drive everyone around me crazy, but when the playlist shuffles to any of these tunes, I have no choice but to turn it up, and sing along at the top of my lungs like nothing else exists but that song and me.

These are this week’s 5, what’s your to 5?

5.  MGMT – Kids

4.  Chris Wallace – Remember When (Push Rewind)

3.  Brand New – The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

2.  Artist Vs Poet – Stay

1.  Fun. – Some Nights

So you want to be a writer

There are a few things that you should know first. The glamorous life of a writer is not always so glamorous.

1. You can not write a novel in a 9 days like your favorite New York Times Best Selling Author on your first try. Like she said, she didn’t sleep in that period and ignored her family holed up in a room. I imagine she also had a detailed outline that she followed closely that was already plotted out, and most likely she’s been doing it longer than you have. Making the decision to write is easy, actually writing takes time, dicipline, and dedication. (And more than likely that wasn’t what she sent to her editor. first drafts are never best drafts)

2. You must determine your style. are you a plotter or a pantser? Do you outline every character, chapter, and arc of the story? Or do you know the main points and fly by the seat of your pants? Do you need everything in an organized fashion, with time lines, post it notes and detailed flow charts? Or do you have rumpled pieces of paper with scattered notes all over your desk? The only style that is right, is the one that works for you. Because we are human, we are all unique, don’t let someone else tell you how you should write, listen to their advice, see if it works for you, but ultimately you must determine what makes you productive.

3. Be passionate about what you write about. Believe in you subject, yourself, and your words. When you put your heart on the line it’s OK to listen to the critique of those who might not understand it. Ultimately you decide whether they are right or not. You decide to heed their words or stand by your own. Don’t apologize for following your heart, and don’t regret if someone changes your mind. All it is, is perspective.

4. Do NOT be afraid to take chances or risks. I’m not saying to jump in blindly, but don’t let fear or rejection hold you back. I’ve heard aspiring authors say that they would never give their books away. This philosophy to me is nieve. When you are an artist and especially just beginning you should want as many people to experience your creation. Not everyone is going to get rich off of their first novel. Not everyone’s story is Amanda Hocking or Stephanie Meyer. You have to work every day and even though some may consider them over night successes, it took them a while to get there. And they took a few chances and risks.

5. No matter now hard it gets don’t quit. This is what separates the say-ers from the do-ers. It’s easy to come up with a concept; it’s hard to implement it and fill in the points from the beginning to the arc, to the end. Sure, step away from it if it becomes too much; I stepped away from The Ocean for sixteen years, but I regretted how long it took me to come back to it. There are enough things in your life that you will regret, don’t regret chasing your dream.

So go out, write and create, good luck and I look forward to reading your words.

Don’t bother me… I’m writing.

I find that when I’m in a zone, or writing and the plot is flying out of my finger tips, the rest of the world melts away. This can be good *for my plot* and bad *for the rest of my family*. Lucky for me they understand and realize that writing is something I love.  When I write the world around me melts away, and I’m in background infused into the setting; I just watch my characters interact. They become live, breathing creatures. Creatures of habits, Creatures of surprise, Creatures who make me laugh and cry.

Writing when you’re in the zone, can almost be euphoric, it’s a high because your ideas are takingshape by forming words. The first book I finished writing was The Ocean a few years ago, I think it was fitting since it was the first book I began when I was sixteen. I found some old chapters a few months ago, and the difference from what it began as to what it became is amazing to me. Finishing it, changed my life. It proved to me that this was not only something that I love but it was something that I could do. Everyone has those what if’s. This was one of those what if‘s that I had carried for a long time. I can remember being a young girl staring at a dark ceiling, and thinking I want to be an author. I knew what my pen name was going to be, and I knew what I wanted to write, fiction.

I love disappearing in my stories, creating a new world, a world where the reader can disappear into the background and watch the characters become living creatures too. So when I’m staring at my computer, fingers typing away, and eyebrows furrowed my kids know they have to tap my arm, and maybe ask me their question twice to get my attention. My husband knows that when I say “sure give me just a minute.” It probably means give me an hour. I’m lucky that they are so understanding, and am grateful that they support and are proud of me. But when I’m in the zone… Don’t bother me, I’m writing.