Don’t bother me… I’m writing.

I find that when I’m in a zone, or writing and the plot is flying out of my finger tips, the rest of the world melts away. This can be good *for my plot* and bad *for the rest of my family*. Lucky for me they understand and realize that writing is something I love.  When I write the world around me melts away, and I’m in background infused into the setting; I just watch my characters interact. They become live, breathing creatures. Creatures of habits, Creatures of surprise, Creatures who make me laugh and cry.

Writing when you’re in the zone, can almost be euphoric, it’s a high because your ideas are takingshape by forming words. The first book I finished writing was The Ocean a few years ago, I think it was fitting since it was the first book I began when I was sixteen. I found some old chapters a few months ago, and the difference from what it began as to what it became is amazing to me. Finishing it, changed my life. It proved to me that this was not only something that I love but it was something that I could do. Everyone has those what if’s. This was one of those what if‘s that I had carried for a long time. I can remember being a young girl staring at a dark ceiling, and thinking I want to be an author. I knew what my pen name was going to be, and I knew what I wanted to write, fiction.

I love disappearing in my stories, creating a new world, a world where the reader can disappear into the background and watch the characters become living creatures too. So when I’m staring at my computer, fingers typing away, and eyebrows furrowed my kids know they have to tap my arm, and maybe ask me their question twice to get my attention. My husband knows that when I say “sure give me just a minute.” It probably means give me an hour. I’m lucky that they are so understanding, and am grateful that they support and are proud of me. But when I’m in the zone… Don’t bother me, I’m writing.

A Party is Still a Party Wherever it is.

Everyone loves throwing a party and being a host/hostess; the attention to details and the appreciation with ooh and ahhs. However, no one loves the aftermath, the clean up, the discerning of trash or keepsakes, the broken collectibles from the guy with a lamp shade on his head or the chasing stragglers out of your front yard.

Luckily for me, my amazon free party was completely virtual. I want to thank everyone who shared my links on facebook and twitter; and I want to thank those who clicked on those links and downloaded nearly 3000 copies of my novels. You don’t know what it means to me to know that my books have reached so many people because of this promotion. If you liked what you’ve read then stay tuned, this year promises to be full of more promotions, giveaways and new endeavors for myself and Entwined Publishing. We are growing and creating. It is an exciting time to be in the publishing industry.


I still have the #Pointsmatter #Happybdayentwined contest continuing on here, Twitter and Youtube until February 13, 2012. If you haven’t read the rules to it, you can find them on my blog post Because Points Matter. If you are already participating, you rock and blow me away with your attention to details. It’s definitely turning into a close tight race! Good luck to all my participants, is it wrong to say that I find myself rooting for all of you? I do.

That said, I can’t even begin to express how blessed I feel and amazed I am at all of those around me.



There’s a free party at Amazon, and you’re invited.

In honor of Entwined Publishing’s birthday, we are giving a gift to you. If you own a Kindle of any kind form, you can get all three of my titles for free this weekend. From now through Monday the 30th, download your ecopy of:

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Did I mention they are FREE?

Please enjoy our titles. We have great things coming this year, new authors and wonderful  promotions. If you like the books please tell your friends. Also if you aren’t already participating check out the Points Matter Contest.