In Passing (A Poem)

In Passing.

Lying in bed, pretending to sleep,

So I can hear the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Driving on a dark road with my hand wrapped in yours,

Just so I can feel you close.

Touching your hair, tracing your face,

Memorizing everything there is about you,

In passing.

These are the simple things I hold on to.

These are the moments I need

To get me through the coming days.

Remembering where we sometimes are,

In passing.

Laughing while you cook and I wash the dishes,

Flirting with brushed touches and gentle jabs.

Slow dancing in the living room when no one is looking,

Sneaking pecks of kisses in between the turns.

Looking into your smiling eyes, feeling content.

But it only stays long enough to remind me,

It’s in passing.

The Butterfly Migration Cover Contest

The Butterfly MigrationThe rules are simple.

1. Copy and save the cover image from this post.

2. Make it as many profile pictures and avatars as possible.

MySpace *Yes I just went there*

3. Tweet and tag me so I know to add your name to the drawing.

4. The winners will be picked June 5, 2013

What you get:

Two winners will be drawn randomly, and the more places you put the image the more chances you have to win. Eligibility is also dependent on keeping the cover as your profile picture through the end of the contest. Each winner will receive an e-copy of The Butterfly Migration and a $25.00 Amazon gift card.

Copy and paste the following messages for easy entry:


The Butterfly Migration will be available on May 21st. I want to win a free e-copy from @Mia Castile


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You may have to friend and follow me if you don’t already, but remember the more places you put the cover the more chances you have to win.

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Butterfly Kisses Cover Reveal

Day two of my 3 day cover reveal is here. I’m so excited to share this cover too. This was such a fun experience, and working with the models and team at Q7Associates and Talent Fusion just made everything flow smoothly.  Here is the Butterfly Kisses new cover. What do you think? I love the romance of it and the vivid colors. Tomorrow will be a big day because we are dropping The Butterfly Migration, so be sure to keep a look out for that. Until then, have an amazing day.ImageImage

These days, I am feeling like I’m being pulled in a hundred different directions. There are so many new and exciting things happening. I talk about a few of those changes in my vlog today. It is a bit long, but holds a surprise.

P.S. If you have questions for myself or any of the mentioned attendees to the Launch party please tweet, facemail or email Jodie or myself.



12 Things That I’ve learned

*Set goals; achieve those goals.

*Rock out old school. Sometimes it’s good for you to just jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up and get down.

*Respect everyone when you first meet them; love them when they’ve earned it.

*Change the oil in your car when you are should.


*Control-A : Highlights the entire text

Control-C : Copy

Control-X: Cut

Control-V : Paste

*Cry ugly. Laugh so hard that you snort. Dance so fiercely that you lose the rhythm. Understand, that these things make you beautiful.

*Mangoes are delicious.

*Have a favorite song.

*Read quotes; just don’t trust every quote you read.

*Wash your kitchen sink every time you do the dishes.

*Be early , be on time. . . Just try not to be late, you may miss something important.

It’s 12/12/12. So I figured I should write something marking the day. I came up with more as I was brainstorming this out, but these were the ones that stood out the most to me.  If you were to make a list of things you’ve learned, what is one thing that you would put on the list?

Something More Playlist

As always, I used music along with my writing of Something More. This novella was the third project I finished in 2010. I was big into Taylor Swift then, and her songs greatly influenced my mood for this. Some were added over the   So with out further ado.


Something More

FM Static : Inside Out

Taylor Swift: Mean

Switchfoot: Enough to Let Me Go

Taylor Swift: White Horse

John Mayer: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Taylor Swift: The Way I loved You

MoZella: More of You

ADTR: You Had Me At Hello

Headly: Perfect

Second Hand Serenade: Something More


I believe you can listen to this playlist and other book playlists on Spotify.




**Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way an opportunity to bitch and moan about poor reviews. This is not an attempt to slander any other author. This is a statement of facts, and my perspective.  I leave it to you the competent reader to decide what you will do next.**

Something More was intended to be a fun light read; a one-sitting, leave-you-feeling-warm-inside read. The only thing it ever was, was a novella. I had no idea it would be as popular as it has been, but I am grateful beyond words for it. On this crazy roller coaster I’ve had some intoxicating highs and not-wanting-to-leave-the-bed lows. Who knew numbers affected my emotions so strongly. I didn’t. There’s been a mix of reviews on this story, which surprised me. To those who felt let down I want you to know I’ve read your concerns and am using that constructive criticism to grow in my writing. I guess not every hit of the game will be a home run. I’m all for taking my medicine. I want to know what doesn’t work. There is a right and a wrong way to do it, respectfully. Please respect the fact that I take my writing very seriously. It is an art that I pour my soul into. I’ve never given less than 100%  of myself to any project that I am working on, even the blog posts that I write.

Facebook Quote

That being said.

There are a few reviews out there that are out right mean and hurtful. The intention of said reviews was to evoke a reaction. One review in particular on Amazon and Goodreads insulted not only my work, my editor and myself personally. Upon looking at the reviewers profile, I noticed her blog. After clicking on her blog I found she was an author, too. She. Was. An. Author. Too.  I also found my book wasn’t the only book she gave a 1 star review to with similar insults. I want to work in a community where we lift each other up and support one another. This left a bad taste in my mouth. I also, realized that her review doesn’t matter. I actually feel sorry for her, she’ll never be satisfied because her standards are unrealistically high and apparently a level, she herself doesn’t have to reach.

I said all of that to say this.

If you are fed up, as I am, with reviewers who’s sole purpose is to hurt the author, do something.

1. Report the review.

2. When the website asks if this review was helpful, click no.

3. Put up your own rate and review. You don’t have to deeply review it, you could just say if you liked it, loved it, or whatever. It really does make someones day when you tell them you think they did a good job.

4. Do not feed the animals. Don’t engage with the reviewer. It’s not worth it, and like any other bully they live for the rise that they get out of you.

5. Tell your friends about the book. Word of mouth is one of the best review tool out there.

Finally, I really didn’t write this post to be a baby and cry about a bad review. I can take it if someone didn’t like my book. It’s OK. I just ask for the respect that I deserve.

I feel like I am exactly where I’m meant to be, and that gives me peace.

Friday Five Fave: Halloween Candy

MUAHAHAHAHA it’s that time of year again. I was so worried that with all the storms on the east coast, (My prayers and thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by Sandy) that we wouldn’t have a chance to go out. We were threatened with snow, rain and winds up to 55 miles per hours. But we made our rounds and the kids had a blast. With their bags filled with candy, they have bounced off of the walls since then. I’ll be glad when the candy is consumed or I can throw it away, because otherwise it’s going straight to my hips.

So with out further ado, here is my Five Fave Halloween Candies.

5. Starburst




1. Reeces Peanut butter cups


What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Did someone say, “Blog tour?” or did they say “Blogebration?”

Blog Tour starts Tomorrow at K-books. Here’s the run-down of the stops.

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Every stop is having giveaways. You won’t want to miss your opportunity to win, plus the fun articles and a few reviews.

**Exclusively for the week of the blog tour Butterfly Kisses will be released for 1.99. You will want to grab your copy before it goes to the regular price.**

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