The Ocean

I’m excited to announce The Ocean, has a new cover. I’ve been thinking about re-doing it for a while. The hardest part of coming up with a cover is finding the image that will express the feeling it invokes in the author. That is one of the reasons, too, that I love, so much, being an independent author and publisher. The freedom to find those images, and the satisfaction when you do.  The thing I really like about the new cover, is that I incorporated the original cover in the new one.  Being my first release, and a story that is close to my heart, every decision I’ve made with this book has been obsessed over. This story was in my heart before I took my writing serious, and it’s catapulted my journey  of becoming a published author. I’ve learned so much and I still have a lot more to learn, but I’m so proud of the product my company provides.

I’m very please to present the new electronic cover for The Ocean.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I would love for you to consider it, and let me know what you think. I enjoy reading reviews, and connecting with readers. If you have already read it, what was your favorite part?

P.S. I have to make sure I thank my Oh-Mazing Readers who offered feedback and helped me tighten it up. You guys rock!

Get your copy for only $0.99 at Barnes and Noble or Amazon

And the Winners are. . .

The Points Matters contest had an amazing turn-out. I counted almost a thousand total tweets for the contest.  But like all good things it came to an end last night at midnight with a few tweets sliding in at the last minute.

That being said I’d like to announce the winners.

  • In 3rd Place were @uniquelymoi and @mrsteemae_books. Congratulations. Your prizes are a Swag package including a personalized poster, bookmark and postcard.