Becoming a Butterfly Cover reveal

In all of my excitement from the new covers and working on formatting the new book I completely forgot to post my 1st cover. I’m a dork, but I’m me, right? What else is new. So I figured, I can add something special to my cover reveal post. I usually don’t post these, but I think these covers are so amazing. Enjoy. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Becoming a Butterfly











Becoming A Butterfly Blog Tour

It’s that time again! Book release and blog tour time! The release of Becoming A Butterfly is May 22, 2012 and in celebration we are giving away a lot of ebooks and printed copies. Each blog that is giving away a copy will have their own contest that day, so you don’t want to miss any posts. We have some really fun articles too.  I would like to thank all the bloggers who have invited me to their blogs, and Jodi for organizing the whole event. Mark your calendars. And to make sure you don’t miss a post follow me on twitter, miacastile or on facebook micastilesnovels.
Pick up your copy of Becoming A Butterfly at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Hope to see you there.

I made a Vlog

In this vlog I discuss the new book.

I’m a little out of practice, so it’s a little long and full of umms. So much so, you could probably play a drinking game to it, and the vlog is long enough you might get drunk! All jokes aside, I’m pretty serious in it and would love for you to give me six minutes to watch the whole thing. Leave a comment here or on Youtube, I’d love your feedback.

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