Introducing My Friday Five Fave

Was that too many F’s?

Today I would like to spotlight five songs that I can’t seem to live with out these days. So much so that it might drive everyone around me crazy, but when the playlist shuffles to any of these tunes, I have no choice but to turn it up, and sing along at the top of my lungs like nothing else exists but that song and me.

These are this week’s 5, what’s your to 5?

5.  MGMT – Kids

4.  Chris Wallace – Remember When (Push Rewind)

3.  Brand New – The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

2.  Artist Vs Poet – Stay

1.  Fun. – Some Nights

2 thoughts on “Introducing My Friday Five Fave

  1. haha. I don’t think I could narrow it down to five songs. Pretty much any Journey song would qualify, as would several Jackson Browne songs. It’s not all ’80s stuff, though: Sugarland and Five for Fighting make the cut as well, and it’s hard not to sing along to Alison Krauss, although sometimes I just have to sit back and listen to her wonderful voice. (I’d link to the YouTube video of When You Say Nothing At All, but it has a 30-second commercial at the beginning, and I hate those.)

    • Journey always rocks! If I were to go old school, then they would definitely be on the list! Maybe I will do an 80’s five fave. Alison Krauss’ Nothing at all is such a good song. I like 90’s country. I could talk for days about music 😀

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