Don’t bother me… I’m writing.

I find that when I’m in a zone, or writing and the plot is flying out of my finger tips, the rest of the world melts away. This can be good *for my plot* and bad *for the rest of my family*. Lucky for me they understand and realize that writing is something I love.  When I write the world around me melts away, and I’m in background infused into the setting; I just watch my characters interact. They become live, breathing creatures. Creatures of habits, Creatures of surprise, Creatures who make me laugh and cry.

Writing when you’re in the zone, can almost be euphoric, it’s a high because your ideas are takingshape by forming words. The first book I finished writing was The Ocean a few years ago, I think it was fitting since it was the first book I began when I was sixteen. I found some old chapters a few months ago, and the difference from what it began as to what it became is amazing to me. Finishing it, changed my life. It proved to me that this was not only something that I love but it was something that I could do. Everyone has those what if’s. This was one of those what if‘s that I had carried for a long time. I can remember being a young girl staring at a dark ceiling, and thinking I want to be an author. I knew what my pen name was going to be, and I knew what I wanted to write, fiction.

I love disappearing in my stories, creating a new world, a world where the reader can disappear into the background and watch the characters become living creatures too. So when I’m staring at my computer, fingers typing away, and eyebrows furrowed my kids know they have to tap my arm, and maybe ask me their question twice to get my attention. My husband knows that when I say “sure give me just a minute.” It probably means give me an hour. I’m lucky that they are so understanding, and am grateful that they support and are proud of me. But when I’m in the zone… Don’t bother me, I’m writing.

I’ve walked this road a thousand times.

The water clock empties twice a day when it turns from 12:59 (completely full) to 1:00 both AM and PM

Saturday El Senor and I took the kids to the children’s museum. Doing so brought about a lot of childhood memories, as my little ones raced past the water clock. The presenter said it was installed twenty years ago, and the crowd gasped. Yeah, I remember before that, before it was ever there. Growing up, my favorite floor was always the fourth, where the science exhibit was and still is, and the wooden carousel from Broadripple. It is 95 years old. (and no I don’t remember before it was in the museum) I laughed as my children ran down the ramps in the middle of the building that linked each floor, in  exactly the same manner as I did as a little girl.

If you ever make to Indianapolis, The Children’s Museum is a must see, from the dinosaurs climbing in the front window to the many

The curious Dinosaurs peek in at newly arrived visitors to the museum.

other dinosaurs in the Dinosphere exhibit. It wasn’t crowded but there were definitely a lot of children running around laughing and having a great time. It was amazing to see it from a different perspective. I’ve been there with my children a few times, but something about this visit brought back nostalgia.

This T-Rex was named Stan after the amateur paleontologist Stan Sacrioson who discovered him

When I was a little girl, after my parents divorced, my father visited us every Sunday between church. Some days he took us to Chuck-e-Cheese, sometimes we went to The Children’s Museum. My sister and I knew that place like the back of our hands. Thinking about those days I realize that somethings never change, but at the same time, they never stay the same. I experienced a similar feeling of nostalgia when we took the kids to Disney World this summer, I’m taller now, but I walked the same walkways I had years ago. Though it was completely different, it felt the same. I’m just glad and feel so blessed to be able to pass down the same experiences to my children that I hold dear. Maybe one day they will look back as they take their own children to these places and have the same happy feelings I do with them now.

I made a Vlog

In this vlog I discuss the new book.

I’m a little out of practice, so it’s a little long and full of umms. So much so, you could probably play a drinking game to it, and the vlog is long enough you might get drunk! All jokes aside, I’m pretty serious in it and would love for you to give me six minutes to watch the whole thing. Leave a comment here or on Youtube, I’d love your feedback.

If you or someone you know might be struggling with depression, or self harm, please speak up and get help. You are not alone.