And the Winners are. . .

The Points Matters contest had an amazing turn-out. I counted almost a thousand total tweets for the contest.  But like all good things it came to an end last night at midnight with a few tweets sliding in at the last minute.

That being said I’d like to announce the winners.

  • In 3rd Place were @uniquelymoi and @mrsteemae_books. Congratulations. Your prizes are a Swag package including a personalized poster, bookmark and postcard.

  • Second Place went to @Ladyreaderstuff and @candyco01. I applaud you,too. Your prizes were a copy of one of my books and the swag.

  • And the Grand prize goes to, drum roll please, earning 657 points on her own and over 600 tweets alone, was the twock star @alemavis.

The first prize included both of my printed novels, and accompanying swag.

 So I commend you all, and ask that ONLY the winners fill out this form at the bottom, so that I can mail out your prizes soon. Thank you to all who participated and earned points.

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