Today, I’m writing a blog

“Just make sure I’m around when you finally have something to say”

-Toad The Wet Sprocket

“I’m going to blog today.”

“I’m going to blog this week.”

“I’m going to blog this month.”

“I’m going to blog at some point.”

“I really need to write a blog.”

“I don’t want to blog.”

It shouldn’t be a chore, but sometimes it feels like it is. I have this mental image of my blog having meaning, changing lives, making the world a better place, however, I’m no doctor, or scientist (madd or other) and can only affect my small bubble in the world. So when I strip down and climb out of the outer pressure what am I left with? The fact that I love to write. I write descriptively, creatively, and emotionally.

I was talking with a friend the other day, and as we discussed our writing projects, his eyes lit up, causing my eyes to light up and my heart to race with excitement. he said “You’ve inspired me to write.” and I laughed because I felt exactly the same way, because he had inspired me to write. I came home and worked on a few of my smaller projects.

Words are so important, and the difference between: a poison or medicine,  a weapon or tool, a gloomy or sunny day. One time, I was with my sister Christmas shopping, when she went up to a soldier in uniform who was also shopping and thanked him for his sacrifice for our freedom. The initial shock on his face was replaced with a simple smile and a nod. She  and I both teared up as we walked away, but she told me she always tried to make a point to thank those who served our country. We didn’t know what kind of life he lived up to that point, and whether or not he ever thought of that again, but in that moment we were grateful, and regardless of any other effect,  it impacted my life. Now, I try to always thank a soldier when I see them in uniform.

Words inspire, actions inspire, people inspire.

Today I wrote a blog, thinking about the wonderful people I’ve been blessed to share my life with and who inspire me. Next week, month or simply the next time I blog, I hope to inspire you.

And the Winners are. . .

The Points Matters contest had an amazing turn-out. I counted almost a thousand total tweets for the contest.  But like all good things it came to an end last night at midnight with a few tweets sliding in at the last minute.

That being said I’d like to announce the winners.

  • In 3rd Place were @uniquelymoi and @mrsteemae_books. Congratulations. Your prizes are a Swag package including a personalized poster, bookmark and postcard.

A Party is Still a Party Wherever it is.

Everyone loves throwing a party and being a host/hostess; the attention to details and the appreciation with ooh and ahhs. However, no one loves the aftermath, the clean up, the discerning of trash or keepsakes, the broken collectibles from the guy with a lamp shade on his head or the chasing stragglers out of your front yard.

Luckily for me, my amazon free party was completely virtual. I want to thank everyone who shared my links on facebook and twitter; and I want to thank those who clicked on those links and downloaded nearly 3000 copies of my novels. You don’t know what it means to me to know that my books have reached so many people because of this promotion. If you liked what you’ve read then stay tuned, this year promises to be full of more promotions, giveaways and new endeavors for myself and Entwined Publishing. We are growing and creating. It is an exciting time to be in the publishing industry.


I still have the #Pointsmatter #Happybdayentwined contest continuing on here, Twitter and Youtube until February 13, 2012. If you haven’t read the rules to it, you can find them on my blog post Because Points Matter. If you are already participating, you rock and blow me away with your attention to details. It’s definitely turning into a close tight race! Good luck to all my participants, is it wrong to say that I find myself rooting for all of you? I do.

That said, I can’t even begin to express how blessed I feel and amazed I am at all of those around me.